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Welcome to the APC Sales website. We are Manufacturer Representitives. See below for a list of the companies we represent. We represent these companies in all or part of CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,VA and PR.



APC Sales Equipment Lines

Capital Equipment

1.        NWL


A.                  PowerPlusŪ – Switch Mode Power Supply

B.                  GVC/GRC – Graphic Voltage Control/Graphic Rapper Control

C.                  PCAMS – Precipitator Control & Management System

D.                  CLR – Current Limiting Reactors


2.     D.R. Technology, Inc.

 A.         Wet scrubbing Systems

 B.         Air/Steam Stripper Systems

 C.         Heat Recovery Systems from moist dryer exhausts

3.     Western Pneumatics Environmental, Inc.

 A.         Thermal Oxidizers (RTO), (RCO), Recuperative, both Thermal & Catalytic            

 B.           Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP)

4.    Munters Zeol

 A.         Rotor concentrations for low concentration (less than 600 ppm) VOC abatement systems

5.    MAS Air Systems, LLC

 A.         Custom high pressure and/or high volume metal fans



Floating Roof Petroleum Tank Equipment

6.     Coflexip Offshore Contractors, Inc.

   A.         Flexible roof drains for open top floating roof tanks

   B.         Rim fire protection systems for floating roof tanks

               C.         Flexible skimmer lines for floating roof tanks

7.     Bayfield Enterprises, Inc.

             A.         Buoyant balls for floating roof leaking pontoons

             B.         Keep vapor contained in API separators


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Air Pollution Control is in our name and is our expertiese

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